Friday, 19 July, 2019

All about refurbished smartphones

Every month, new models of smartphones make their appearance on the market thus abandoning existing models. These smartphones are the delight of companies specializing in the recondionnement and buyers eager to acquire a product at lower cost.

In France, more than 2 million smartphones have started a new life in 2017 (source GFK), a market that continues to increase is similar to both economic and ecological evidence.

A few years ago, only Apple offered to sell refurbished products, if you wanted to buy a product called “used” then you had to turn to the market from individual to individual. Today dozens of companies offer refurbished smartphones of all brands and the price depends on the state of the phone.

But then, what is a reconditioned mobile?

It is important to clearly distinguish occasion and reconditioned. In both cases you will have a mobile that has already served, where the distinction is made on the handling of the product before resale. When for example you buy a refurbished iPhone, it has undergone various tests and repairs, all the data it contained were erased. You will enjoy a phone in perfect working order including for the most part a new packaging and a charger and a pair of headphones, all for a price much less than the price of the new! If you buy a used mobile via an individual, it will be in the state left by the seller.

The advantages of a refurbished product do not stop at the technical revision:

  1. Preserving the environment and making a responsible purchase

In addition to the financial aspect offered by the purchase of a refurbished smartphone, it promotes the circular economy and a more responsible mode of consumption. E-waste accounts for more than one million tonnes in France and nearly 44.7 million worldwide each year! When we know that only 20% of the metals contained in a smartphone can be recycled, we can only take an interest in it.

  1. A price much more interesting than a new mobile

Buying a smartphone is also acquiring a recent and high-end mobile for a price ranging from -20 to -70% compared to the market price. The product is unlocked by any operator and sold without a package so you have the opportunity to choose the operator offering the best price.

  1. The same guarantees

Just like a new product, refurbished smartphones benefit from a guarantee ranging from 6 months to 1 year according to the resellers. This guarantee constitutes an additional guarantee of security for the buyer.

We all have in one of our drawers an “old smartphone” that is kept “just in case” for years and then ends up being thrown away and thus increase a little more the number of electrical and electronic waste that the population world produced each year. What if instead of just keeping or throwing away these smartphones, we try to give them a second life? The Recycle Smartphone site allows you to buy a refurbished smartphone, but also offers you the opportunity to buy back your old smartphones.