Thursday, 18 July, 2019

Christmas 2018: The Top 10 High Tech Gift Ideas to Offer

Smartphones, personal assistant, but also connected watch or drone: here is our selection of the ten high-tech objects that must absolutely be put on your Christmas list 2018.

High-tech gift n ° 10. Bebop 2, the best drone to start

Easy to take in hand and equipped with many assisted features for a very comfortable flight, the Bebop 2 Parrot is surely one of the best drones to learn to fly. Its fisheye lens, with a 180-degree field of view, provides smoother video recording than other drones. The “route” feature also allows you to program a specific route that the drone will travel before returning. A mid-range value for money more than adequate that should make people happy at Christmas.

Bebop 2: from 349 euros

High-tech gift n ° 9. Vuze, the 360 ​​camera that sees everything

The Vuze camera has 8 lenses to shoot 360 degrees and 3D. Each sensor records in Full HD to reproduce 4K content. Additional asset, its ability to create a 3D depth effect to captured photos and videos. It is even compatible with most virtual reality headphones on the market and is offered with a tripod, a selfie stick and a VR helmet brand Homido. Ideal for keeping beautiful memories of Christmas decorations.

Vuze: from 995 euros.

High-tech gift n ° 8. The connected watch Apple Watch 3 frees the iPhone

Another Apple product: ergonomic and elegant, the brand’s famous smartwatch returns to a new version that has retained the features that made the success of its little sister. Plus, the 4G feature allows you to free your iPhone: you can make a call, listen to music and use Siri without having your phone nearby. It works even when it is off. No doubt, we will find under many Christmas trees.

Apple Watch 3: from 400 euros

High-tech gift n ° 7. The Ninebot One C + electric wheel, for a rolling Christmas

Fed up with walking, especially when it’s cold? The Ninebot One C + electric wheel is for you. Atypical but practical, this gyroroue seduced thanks to a motor power of 450 W and a battery of 4.1 Ah. Able to travel from 18 to 22 km at a maximum speed of 20 km / h, this small vehicle can take you (almost) everywhere. Far from being reserved for children, the Ninebot One C + can support up to 100 kg and offers real comfort thanks to its 16-inch tire made of rubber designed to adapt to various types of terrain.

Ninebot One C +: from 300 €

High-tech gift n ° 6. The Google Home Voice Assistant is OK

The purchase of a virtual assistant will be one of the Christmas musts. You have the choice among the best voice assistants Siri (Apple), Alexa (Google), Cortana (Microsoft) and many others. But the Google Home speaker is currently the most intelligent virtual assistant by its ability to anticipate needs. Able to centralize your connected objects, close your shutters or launch your favorite music. To activate it, a simple voice message is enough: “OK Google”. The boss is you.

Google Home: from 99 euros.

High-tech gift n ° 5. The HTC Vive Pro virtual reality headset, as if you were there

The latest addition to HTC’s Vive line was unveiled at CES 2018. This virtual reality headset is an improved version of the first Vive, which features a better display definition: 2,880 x 1,660 pixels – 1 400 x 1,660 pixels for each eye – against a definition of 1,080 x 1,200 pixels for the previous model. The refresh rate is 90 Hz and the field of view is 110 degrees. A beautiful performance. The headset is also sold with a wireless adapter, which allows you to use it without having to rely on a cable connected to the computer.

HTC Vive Pro: from 879 €

High-tech gift n ° 4. Keecker, the French multimedia robot that simplifies life

At the same time a video projector, speaker and compatible with voice assistants, this French multimedia robot with voice commands simplifies the technology of the house. Keecker embarks with him a 90 ° directional projector, a 4.1 audio system, two microphones, two cameras, dozens of sensors to identify and avoid obstacles. His camera warns you even in case of abnormality during your absences. Only flaw, he does not tell jokes yet. Americans are already crazy about it.

Keecker: from 1 790 euros.

High-tech gift n ° 3. The LG 77C8 TV, perfect for Christmas

With the LG 77C8 TV (for 77 inches), LG is finally catching up with the competition thanks to a new processor that inaugurates a high-performance motion compensation engine. Perfectly calibrated image, wide viewing angles, infinite contrast … The audio system is also very good for a TV. A faultless for the LG 77C8 TV that is already a reference.

LG 77C8: from 9 990 euros

High-tech gift # 2 The Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphone hits hard

Released in October, the Mate 20 Pro becomes the new flag-bearer of the Chinese manufacturer, we can go so far as to say that it is the best smartphone Huawei to date. With a premium price, but still below the US competition, this new smartphone hits hard. It continues the momentum of its predecessor with almost all the technological innovations that can currently be found, such as a curved OLED screen, a true facial recognition or an impression sensor under the screen. And thanks to its partnership with Leica, the photo and camera function is at the top.

Mate 20 Pro: from 999 euros.

High-tech gift n ° 1. The smartphone Xs Max, the Christmas star 2018

Essential to stay in touch. Apple unveiled in September its new generation of iPhone: Xs, Xs Max and Xr. Always the same quality in the features, but small differences as the technology of the screen, the size, the cameras, the materials used and of course the price. The model that we define as the best Apple smartphone among the 3 is the Xs Max, which offers the largest OLED panel (6.5 inches), the same size as the iPhone 8. On the camera side, the Xs Max has a dual 12 megapixel sensor. Only regret, its stainless steel frame is only available in the three traditional colors (gold, silver and gray).

Xs Max: from 1 255,28 euros.