Thursday, 18 July, 2019

How to do a deep cleaning on your smartphone to look flawless

Smartphones are part of our daily lives. The use we make of them is constant. The time we dedicate to the use of these devices is such that Spain is already in the fifth place as a country worldwide, in which people spend time using their mobile.

As we said, the use of mobile phones is constant. However, not many of us carry out the necessary tasks to keep these devices clean. It is necessary to mention, that a periodic cleaning of smartphones, prolongs its useful life. Without speaking clearly, the amount of bacteria that accumulate on the screen, due to its continued use. More precisely, more than 600 varieties of bacteria are housed in our precious cars.

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As a first important consideration, it can be said that there are very dangerous enemies for the life of any smartphone. One is water sprayed directly on the equipment, which is not convenient to fall on the screen or keyboard because it could damage internal components of the equipment. If you use water that is just moistening a soft cloth or a sheet of tissue paper.

Another enemy, is any type of abrasive cleaner or that contains ammonia. It is also not advisable to use cleaners that include acetone because they can damage or scratch the screen and thus damage the image or even cancel it completely.

On the other hand, you should never spray any type of liquid directly on the screen. This is only done to moisten the cloth that is going to be used.

Correct way to clean

Before starting it is convenient to turn off the equipment. It is safer and you can also better visualize the dirt on the screen.

As a first step, remove the equipment from its cover and wash it if its structure allows it. If this is not possible because of the materials with which it is made, you should try to clean it in the best way.

The most suitable materials for cleaning are oxygenated water and microfiber cloths, which are ideal for their softness. In addition, tissue paper and swabs or cotton swabs may be used. Another option is to purchase a cleaning kit that includes a liquid that does not contain any of the dangerous components for the equipment, and is also environmentally friendly.

Equipment disinfection

If you wish to perform disinfection in addition to cleaning, you have to mix in a small container, water and alcohol or water and vinegar, placing both ingredients in equal parts in either of the two preparations. You can also use the liquid that is purchased in the optics and used to clean the glasses of the glasses.

Pour a little of the chosen liquid on a microfiber cloth or a sheet of tissue paper. Gently clean the surface of the equipment paying special attention to cleaning its slots.

Cleaning the screen

As the first advice given by the brands that manufacture smartphones, is that they do not spend more than two days without cleaning the screen. Although surely, not many will comply with this rule. With the previously moistened microfiber cloth make small circles with smooth movements, without exerting any pressure on the screen. To finish, pass a microfiber cloth or dry tissue paper making the same movements.

Clean the fingerprint reader

It is not convenient to moisten the reader. That’s why you should not use any wet cloth or liquid. The ideal thing to clean the window that contains the reader is to use a piece of adhesive tape that sticks on this window. When removing the tape, all the dust and dirt that remains would be adhered to it.

The connectors are always cleaned dry. It is not convenient to use the vacuum cleaner. Choose a small brush such as a toothbrush in disuse or cotton swabs or swabs. You can also blow near the connector to remove dust particles.

These are just some of the practices that are advised to keep the devices clean. So far, the cleaning of smartphones has not been a priority issue. However, when you consider that these mobiles can have up to 30 times more bacteria than a toilet bowl, things change. Maybe it’s time to become more aware and start taking more care of these devices.