Thursday, 18 July, 2019

Palm: A phone to get rid of an addiction to phones?

Palm, the minimalist phone, has an unprecedented function: put an end to addiction to mobile phones.

Palm is reborn from the ashes and presents a curious device: a minimalist mobile phone that is held in the palm of your hand, whose main function is to calm our addiction to smartphones.

Since the company was purchased by HP and then by TCL, Palm’s activities were stalled. Until a San Francisco start-up bought the name of this cult brand that sold personal digital assistants and phones that became popular in the 90s and early 2000s. This “new generation” of Palm reactivated the activity of the brand and presented its first product.


As the name implies, since “palm” in English means “palm”, the new phone fits in the palm of your hand. In addition, this device responds in a particular way to a real problem.

Against the invading smartphones that make us addicted

Smartphones acquired a central role in our lives, generating real addictions, some of which must be treated clinically. The constant flow of notifications causes some users to be totally disconnected from the real world. Which in turn leads to different movements that warn about the excessive use we give these devices. Meanwhile, companies such as Apple or Google, develop tools to reduce the addiction and stress of using an iPhone or Android.

A minimalist Palm to manage your smartphone

The new Palm arrives in response to a social problem. Taking the form of a mini phone, barely larger than a credit card, the Palm allows users to leave their mobile phones in their homes or in the bottom of their bags.

The Palm works with Android and synchronizes with smartphones, offering users the possibility to choose which functions and applications they want to see. The most important thing is that this Palm does not show any notification, but works as a smaller brother of the smartphone that focuses on the most basic communication functions and then generates less addiction.

An absurd logic, which will not survive

The new Palm is not designed to replace smartphones, but rather to accompany them. In addition, it sells for $ 349 in the United States, that is, for the same price, you can buy a mid-range phone. The target market is that of owners of high-end phones, willing to pay this sum to have a “mini” version of their iPhone or Galaxy.

The idea behind this new phone is quite particular since it assumes that, in order to fight against the addiction to technologies, more technologies are needed. This new device hides behind a contradictory concept: that of buying a phone to justly fight addiction to these. An ideal logic in the theory, but that will hardly achieve its objective. Above all, when there are other products such as clocks connected, which work under the same principle, but with additional features.