Thursday, 18 July, 2019

Payday loan consolidation help -You can get debt consolidation finance

The function of the debt consolidation loan over here is to close all the loans and merge them into a single loan paying only one installment lower with the possibility of receiving additional liquidity that is more money.

Debts are part of everyone’s life and work, the family is commitments that really take away a lot of time, not only they get tired physically but also mentally.

If you already have so many worries every day and you have more debts with the related installments to pay, you will have even forgotten to pay a few.

Here you go to create further concerns.

If you forget to pay the installment of the car, one, two or three times, as well as being reported as a bad payer, you risk getting you to seize the car itself.

If you have children in need of medical care and are worried and you are aware that you already have too many loans in progress then your anxiety is bound to increase.

That’s why problems must be solved as quickly as possible: the more you look, the more they become insurmountable and will be more difficult to solve.

“Do not allow wounds to turn you into what you are not.”
(Paulo Coelho)

Lower the installments!

Reducing the most tiring and obligatory commitments like the two, three or more loans you have, not only helps you reduce anxiety and anxiety but helps you to cope better and more optimistic with your family and work routine.

In addition, the consolidation provides you with a sum of cash that you can use immediately, without giving any justification to anyone.

You can get debt consolidation finance

There is the possibility of obtaining it but this depends on the income received and the type of company or entity for which you work.

A minimum guarantee will always be required by both banks and financial institutions: the guarantee serves as a security that the loan installment is debited without delay or problems.

Even if you do not own property to be mortgaged, you are without a guarantor, you can apply for the debt consolidation loan because your minimum guarantee, on which you can really rely, is to be hired indefinitely in a solid company.

The guarantee for the choices you make, right or wrong, you can only give it to you.

A family or a person to be happy must follow a specific direction and engage in what he does, the mistake is when you make choices “out of your reach” economic.

We know, however, that debts are not always your fault, that is, we know that you have never done “one step longer than your leg”.

Much more likely you had to face unforeseen expenses such as medical expenses, for your children or for your parents, or you had a car accident.

If you are a bad payer or are protested we can evaluate your request to help you close the loans.

Usually, the guarantee is provided by the severance pay and by the insurance policies that cover the life risk and the employment risk and we are able to give you some advice to improve your financial situation.

I have been reported as a bad payer and I have various loans and debts that I would like to eliminate, can I apply for a debt consolidation loan?

Yes, of course, you should ask for it as soon as possible because you could accumulate too many unpaid installments, risking the seizure of your assets or part of your income.

If you allow yourself to be overwhelmed by too many installments, by the harassing phone calls of lawyers or by the recovery of credit demanding the balance of the back payments, from the income that is not enough for you even to buy essential food and essential goods, you risk total bankruptcy.

And not only that, you create a bad mood or depression, you could be grumpy with everything or everyone and crack the relationships with the most expensive people.

Debts can also put mental health at risk because they can cause anxiety, addictions to substances or alcohol, psychosis.

“Success is not definitive and failure is not fatal. The only thing that really matters is the courage to continue. ”
(Winston Churchill)

To apply for a debt consolidation loan you will need all the financing contracts you currently have and which will serve to send the request for extinction count to close the loans.

Am I a retiree indebted with financial can I take out financing with debt consolidation?

Even the indebted, bad paying, protested pensioners can request the consolidation of loans, even single-sign and without a guarantor or mortgage.

In old age financial problems can increase and worsen.

Helping children or grandchildren is a priority to ensure their future is certainly better than now.

“There is no security on this earth; there is the only opportunity. ”
(Douglas MacArthur)

The indebtedness index has risen over the years for pensioners as well as the average life and in fact, for a consolidation loan the maximum age within which the debt consolidation must end is 90 years.

The debt consolidation loan is paid without a fifth sale?

It depends, if you have no arrears and you have not been reported to the credit bureau you have the possibility to consolidate debts with the personal loan.

With our loan agency we specialize in solutions for bad payers, protestors and foreclosures.

As already mentioned, we only evaluate employees and pensioners and we mainly use the sale of the fifth.

Banks and financial institutions when they have over-indebted and insolvent clients pass the files to their debt collection office or sell the credit to the debt collection companies.

In your opinion, what is the easiest and fastest way to recover a damaged credit?

Simple, after you have filled with phone calls to scare you, reminder letters to alarm you, the ultimate goal is to have you leavened with various costs for your delays your debt and, of course, will end with the foreclosure of the fifth of your salary by decree injunction by the court judge.

“As life may seem difficult, there is always something that can be done to succeed.”
(Stephen Hawking)

Our loan agency with the assignment of the fifth can make a difference and save you from the disproportionate increase of your debt by debt collection agencies.

If you want to protect yourself and not see your total debt duplicated, you must act immediately because your creditors are waiting for nothing but putting you under pressure.

I am self-employed with a VAT number and company owner, can I apply for debt consolidation?

We do not have a financial product to consolidate the debts of self-employed, VAT or companies, in the future we would like to be able to help even this category of workers.

I have too much financing and I need an urgent debt consolidation for over 50,000 euros

The consolidation of debts can also be done for higher amounts, even for 80,000 euros, and once the other loans have expired, the remaining part of the amount remains available as extra cash that you can use for any purpose (medical expenses, restructuring work) , holidays, marriage, pay off debts of Equitalia and other taxes), in other words you can spend this money “in excess” in complete freedom without giving any justification to anyone.

The important factor is to have an income that can support large amounts of financing, the maximum duration is 120 months and this long extension helps to reduce the amount of the installment and the interest rate.

Why is not there an online consolidation loan simulator/simulator in which users can enter the requested amount and the number of installments to find out about the tan, taeg, and final installment?

Simple, we do not want to risk giving you false illusions.

The estimators / simulators that you find around the web purposely use interest rates, tan and taeg at low conditions, with the most favorable offers, the cheapest, the lowest, the most advantageous, the most promotional possible to the customer (no coincidence you will also find the expiration date of the promo, those of the “valid offer up to” … type.

Guess why …?

To find more customers possible to then squeeze and squeeze as lemons, then increasing the fantastic but not real conditions advertised on the comparators/simulators.

In your opinion, without information about your income, your company, your indebtedness index, your insurance coverage (ie the insurance company will be willing to cover a hypothetical claim for your loan?) How can you make a realistic estimate and so promotional and advantageous rates especially on customers with very high and problematic debt exposure?

Does not it seem a little “out of reality” or “too good to be true”?

Do you think that banks and credit institutions are ready to give money at such promotional rates to everyone?

That’s why we decided NOT to put a loan calculator/simulator/calculator to consolidate debts.

Our customers are people who also have serious financial difficulties, have a family, have many debts, not to live peacefully, the total and absolute UNDERSTANDING of the difficult condition of our customers is for us IMPERATIVE.

Does the debt consolidation loan agree?

Why should not it be suitable for your debt situation? Do you think the rates could be high?

Every month you have so many installments to pay, if we add up the charges (such as the payment of the installment and late payment for late payment) and interest of all the financing you are paying you to realize that you are returning a disproportionate amount and increased by your delays on accumulated installments.

It was not you who opened the loans and you committed to their return? Then you also took into account the interest rates that the banks gave you.

Getting rid of debts becomes an emergency that creates anguish and restlessness.