Friday, 19 July, 2019

Senior Phone: Guide for Novices on Mobile Phone

Simplified interface, spaced buttons, amplified sound … Manufacturers have developed many models of mobile dedicated to seniors, especially those who have never lived with a mobile phone. But how to navigate in the middle of such a rich offer? Here are the essentials you need to know before you buy and a small selection of the best smartphone models for the market.

Utra-simple mobile, lightweight smartphone or clamshell phone: whatever the model, senior mobile phones offer features that are not found in ordinary devices. Thus, they are all or almost all provided with an emergency button, usually located on the back of the device, which generates a call or a message to several numbers prerecorded and remotely editable. Like all other models, it will be possible to manage the geolocation of the smartphone to control the dissemination of personal information. Similarly, they are usually delivered with a base, such as a landline phone, so it will be easy to determine a placeholder to avoid misplacement and recharge easily and thus ensure a long life of the smartphone . By cons, all smartphones for senior are not compatible with a hearing aid. Be sure to check for T or M, depending on compatibility with a coil or without.

A big-touch mobile phone

In this category, the Easyphone H-2 (59 euros) detonates by its simplicity: ideal to begin. This phone for older people has a little extra: the ability to memorize eight contacts with photos. Not useless when the memory begins to falter. Otherwise, the Maxcom Free MM910 (79 euros) with its 9-key keyboard, is also recommended.

In telephony, we do not have the same needs at 15 and 70 years. Manufacturers have understood this by offering ranges of laptops specifically dedicated to seniors. To the point that some are reduced to basic functions, with only a few call keys, even if others also offer additional features (SMS, directory, games …). But generally, these simple mobile phones for seniors, whose price range from 40 to 80 euros, all have in common a widescreen, to improve readability, and large keys that facilitate their use.

Smartphones for senior with simplified menus

Easy-to-use smartphones, reserved for seniors, offer for some menus allowing including surfing the Internet or reading emails with ease. The price range of these senior phones appeared on the market is quite wide, ranging from 100 to 300 euros. Not always easy to navigate among the many models offered by manufacturers.

For visually impaired seniors, we recommend the Easyphone S506 speaking (109 euros), which lists the pressed keys. The Amplicomms M9500 (188 euros), whose amplification is parameterizable remotely, is also ideal for visually impaired and hearing impaired users. Finally, the Switel eSmart M2 (189 euros), thanks to its strong amplification, remains particularly suitable for the hearing impaired.

Mobile phone has flap for senior: 2 screens offered

Mobile phones and flip-flops, which remind young adults in the early 2000s, are particularly popular with seniors. The reasons are many: this type of phone offers a comfortable position during a conversation, the valve eliminates any risk of accidental call, since the communication is cut when folded and this format also allows to integrate a large touch screen and a large keyboard, which is easy to grip, thanks to the key spacing. 

In addition to the simplicity of the menus, another element is essential: the readability of the screen. Indeed, the contrast is generally more pronounced and the characters are larger than on classical models. The presence of direct access keys to contacts or messages also facilitates the appropriation of the nonsidered. Finally, note that flip phones are usually two times cheaper than smartphones.

For this category of mobiles, several models stand out. The Switel M270 (64 euros), with its large screen, offers a very good price / quality ratio. Ditto for the Geemarc CL 8500 (88 euros), which also offers a simple menu and a very amplified sound, just like the Amplicomms M7510 3G. These three mobiles are also equipped with a second screen, at the front of the flap, which allows to discover at a glance the origin of a call. Not useless when you do not have the habit of having a grafted laptop at the end of the arm … Finally remains the Becco Easyphone: at 69 euros, it’s the perfect model for people looking for an ultra-simple phone.

The phones for senior specific 

There are also phones reserved for seniors with the most fragile health. The Maxcom 175 (109 euros) is delivered with a warning bracelet that vibrates during a call. The Connecto Mobile (199 euros), very easy to use, even wears the neck. As for the Doro secure 580 (139 euros), it is a phone model for seniors extremely simple, without keyboard, but with four pre-recordable keys. The Doro secure IUP model (179 euros) offers a fall detector.

The phones for senior, they are clamshell, big keys or specific also require some basic rules like to save the battery of the smartphone or to clean his smartphone to prolong their good health … Take care of them so that they accompany you as long as possible in a sustainable logic.