Thursday, 18 July, 2019

Smartphones: what is the Pro version of the Xiaomi Mi 8?

After the low cost version, the premium version. After the Mi 8 Lite, the Xiaomi brand presents the Mi 8 Pro, a new version of its excellent smartphone, the Mi 8. For 100 euros more, what does this revised and improved version offer you?

This summer, Xiaomi has released its high-end smartphone, the very convincing Mi 8. A phone combining a sleek design, solid performance (thank you the processor Snapdragon 845!), A magnificent AMOLED screen , a successful photo module and a longer battery life. that correct. All for less than 500 euros.

On this price range, the Chinese brand, newcomer to France, immediately marked its territory. In October, Xiaomi released a less powerful and less expensive version of this phone, the very good Mi8 Lite, in the top of the phones in its price range.

Minor differences, billed a hundred euros

At the end of November, Xiaomi introduced the Pro version of its smartphone star . So, a priori, improved and more powerful. It costs a hundred euros more. And does not really stand out from his little brother. In any case, not enough to justify this difference in price.

Indeed, there are three big differences between the two smartphones. The first is the fingerprint reader, a novelty of the Mi 8 Pro. An improvement, of course, but that works rather slowly, especially compared to the competition.

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The second is the transition from 6 GB to 8 GB of RAM. Again, an improvement, but playing at the margin, an overwhelming majority of applications running as well with 6 or 8 GB of RAM. 95% (at least) of uses and users will make no difference.

Reserved for lovers of transparent hulls

The third is the design. The Mi 8 Pro is as elegant as its little brother, but it has a wider range of finishes and colors. Including a very noticeable transparent shell on the back. To see all the components of your smartphone. A mix of modernity and nostalgia of the 1990s.

It remains to be seen whether these small differences justify this price. If you have dreamed, all your childhood, to have a Game Boy or console joystick transparent shell, these hundred euros will be the price of a madeleine Proust. Otherwise, you will probably prefer the classic version of Mi 8.