Friday, 19 July, 2019

The first foldable smartphone is neither a Samsung nor a Huawei!

The race against the clock was symbolic, but it was important, especially for the brand image. Who would succeed in marketing the first foldable smartphone? Long favorite, Samsung threatened to be overtaken by Huawei. It’s finally a third thief, unknown in Europe, the Chinese Royole, who wins the kettledrum.

Caught up. Samsung was cut off under the foot. The Korean manufacturer has been working since 2012 on foldable smartphone technology. He seemed certain that he would be the first to market one. In October, Huawei announced that it was also working on this technology, putting pressure on its competitor. But the Korean brand seemed to stay one step ahead.

The FlexPlai, between the tablet and the smartphone

The two giants finally got their hair done on the pole by a “small” brand: Royole. It is a Chinese manufacturer, which markets its smartphones only in the Middle Kingdom and the United States.

Royole has just presented its FlexPlai, which will remain as the first folding smartphone ever marketed. Available for pre-order since October 31, it will be delivered to Chinese users before the end of the year.

Its 7.8-inch screen can be folded in half to take the size of a 5-inch phone. In this position, it becomes a dual screen that can display separate or simultaneous operations. Unfolded, the FlexPlai looks like a small tablet, much larger than the largest smartphones today.

An announcement that forces Samsung to rush its ads

” It perfectly resolves the contradiction between the big-screen experience and portability, which introduces a whole new dimension to the interface, ” said Bill Liu, the company’s founder.

Premier does not mean optimal: the object looks more like a foldable tablet than a collapsible smartphone. Hear this: he has the weight of a tablet. Its ergonomics may limit its life to the buzz of novelty.

This output will in any case forced Samsung to accelerate the pace. The Korean manufacturer will finally present its future foldable smartphone … mid-November.